Cours particuliers et aide aux devoirs

Terms and Conditions

15 Witchwood House, Gresham Road, London SW9 7NN



1. Upon receiving clear instructions from the CUSTOMER, ACTICOURS will carefully select suitable tutor(s).

2. The location, the time, the content and the general organisation of the tuition are to be agreed between the tutor(s) and the CUSTOMER. Tuition must be regular, and based on a weekly basis during term time.

3. The CUSTOMER will have 14 days to notify ACTICOURS after the FIRST hour that he/she is not satisfied with the tutor(s) selected by ACTICOURS failing which the tutor(s) will be deemed accepted by the CUSTOMER. The hour will still be invoiced by ACTICOURS to the CUSTOMER.

Upon request, the CUSTOMER will provide ACTICOURS with the reasons for rejecting a tutor, which in any event must be lawful and reasonable.

4. In the event the CUSTOMER has notified ACTICOURS that he/she is not satisfied with the services of a tutor or in the event a tutor cannot provide the tuition any longer for any reason whatsoever (including without limitation for reason of illness or termination of appointment), ACTICOURS will use its best endeavours to provide a replacement within a reasonable time.

5. Unless the CUSTOMER gives at least 24 hours’ notice to ACTICOURS, any fee for tuition cancelled by the CUSTOMER (for any reason whatsoever) is due to ACTICOURS.

6. The price for the tuition will be the one quoted by ACTICOURS when terms & conditions are agreed or such other price agreed by the parties from time to time.

7. ACTICOURS will invoice the client at the beginning of each month, for all tuition provided during that previous month. The CUSTOMER will have 7 days to dispute an invoice, failing which the invoice will be deemed accepted. Invoices are due upon receipt and payable within 2 weeks from the date of the invoice by bank transfer only.

8. ACTICOURS will ask an advanced payment corresponding to the estimated cost of no more than 4 weeks tuitions.

9. ACTICOURS will exercise its statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if ACTICOURS is not paid according to agreed terms and conditions

10. The CUSTOMER will keep records of all tuition provided by the tutor(s) and will, upon request, provide a copy of the same to ACTICOURS.

11. The CUSTOMER can terminate the services of the tutor(s) by giving to Acticours no less than 7 days written notice.